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Pursuit SVR can be added to any vehicle to protect one of your most important personal assets, your vehicle. With Pursuit SVR your vehicle will be equipped with a stolen vehicle tracking device to help recover your vehicle in the event of a theft.

In case of a theft or missing vehicle, simply call our 24/7/365 call center and we will locate the vehicle and call authorities for you.

Pursuit SVR will protect you coast to coast with our nationwide wireless cellular service and recovery team of professionals.

Ask your dealer today how to protect one of your most valuable assets from a proven leader in vehicle security and electronics.

Unauthorized movement of a vehicle automatically triggers Pursuit SVR's automatic theft notification system, which immediately contacts you.

When vehicles move without authorization, the Pursuit SVR automatic theft notification system can immediately contact you. Once you confirm theft, the recovery procedure can be initiated with the Recovery Call Center and local law enforcement.

Once a theft is confirmed, you can contact the Recovery Call Center. With you online, the center will in turn contact local law enforcement to file a stolen vehicle report. After you receive a case number, the center will work directly with police, providing up-to-the-minute location and movement until the vehicle is recovered and the owner is notified.